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TeamSTEPPS®-Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety-is a teamwork improvement system based on over 25 years of research and evidence on team performance in high risk areas like health care. Developed by the Department of Defense, TeamSTEPPS is a face-to-face and instructor-led program which optimizes patient outcomes by creating a shared mental model through teachable skills that focus on:

This Texas Center for Quality & Patient Safety-led master trainer training course, combined with the TeamSTEPPS National Implementation Project, provide continuing support and guidance for trainees through webinars, a toll-free telephone line, and a website. Trainees also will receive continuing education through new tools and measures that are researched, developed and validated to supplement the curriculum.

TeamSTEPPS is ideal for hospital frontline providers, including senior clinical and administrative leaders such as presidents and chief executive officers; chief nursing, medical and patient safety officers; and unit supervisors. Participants in the master training course will be responsible for further implementing TeamSTEPPS within their hospital or health system.

Participants who complete the two day train-the-trainer course are able to lead a TeamSTEPPS three-phased intervention, act as a key member of the organizational change team, customize training materials, measure improvement, perform as a trainer, coach, or mentor on the frontline of patient care team improvement.


TeamSTEPPS will teach trainees to:



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